Title : [PS3] No More Heroes Red Zone Edition [ノーモア ヒーローズ レッドゾーン エディション] (JPN) ISO Download

Game Information
Japanese Title : ノーモア ヒーローズ レッドゾーン エディション
Chinese Title : 英雄不再:红色地带
Publisher : Marvelous Entertainment
Developer : Marvelous Entertainment
Genre : Action Game
Version : Japan CERO Z (18+)
Available On : Play Station 3 (PS3)
Size : 3.11GB
Format : ISO
Players : 1
Supplier : JPMORGAN
Catalog No : BLJS-10114
Realease Date : 2011-07-21
Official Website : http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/game/ps3/nomoreheroesrz/
Info : No_More_Heroes_Red_Zone_Edition_JPN_PS3-JPMORGAN

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
Wield your beam Katana, mow down everyone in your path until you become the number one assassin. The beautiful and sexy Silvia is going to keep track of everything. Aside from her, there are many other alluring women.

Campy, outrageously funny and deadly violent, the No More Heroes Red Zone Edition is going to kick action games to a new level.

There are new graphics, an enhanced system with new bosses and better network modes. The developers pump the rating up to Z, the violence and the naughtiness are going to reach new heights. This is not a game for the faint of heart.

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