Title : [Wii] Disney Epic Mickey: Mickey Mouse to Mahou no Fude [ディズニー エピックミッキー ミッキーマウスと魔法の筆] (JPN) ISO Download

Game Information

Japanese Title : ディズニー エピックミッキー ~ミッキーマウスと魔法の筆~

Chinese Title : 传奇米老鼠

Publisher : Disney Interactive

Developer : Disney Interactive

Genre : Action + Adventure Game

Version : Japan CERO A (Free)

Available On : Nintendo Wii

Size : 4.37GB

Format : ISO

Players : 1

Supplier : PLAY-SKiLL

Catalog No : RVL-P-SEMJ

Realease Date : 2011-08-04

Official Website : http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/semj/

Preview / Gameplay :


Description / About This Game :

A heroic tale of redemption and discovery, Disney Epic Mickey is an adventure-platforming game with light role-playing elements for the Nintendo Wii, featuring an iconic and retro Mickey Mouse inspired by cartoons of the 1920s and 1930s. In the game’s fiction, a sorcerer named Yen Sid creates a beautiful, whimsically-twisted world where Disney’s forgotten and retired creations thrive. Originally, the powerful sorcerer from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Walt Disney’s 1940 film Fantasia was nicknamed ”Yen Sid” by Disney animators, although never named as such on screen. In Disney Epic Mickey, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit — Walt Disney’s first cartoon star created in 1927 and Mickey’s half-brother — becomes the earliest inhabitant of Yen Sid’s Cartoon Wasteland after Mickey Mouse is created. Oswald makes the Cartoon Wasteland comfortable for other retired characters as they join him in this magical land. Years pass, and as Oswald dwells in the Cartoon Wasteland, he becomes resentful watching Mickey’s popularity swell. When Mickey curiously stumbles upon Yen Sid’s map, he makes an innocent yet terrible mistake and inadvertently devastates Oswald’s comfortable world. Eventually, Mickey’s mistake pulls him deep into the mysterious Cartoon Wasteland to face the destruction he unknowingly created. Mickey must use the very elements of animation, paint and paint thinner, to explore the Cartoon Wasteland, find the source of evil that is destroying the land, and redeem his fellow cartoon characters including Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. With visionary game designer Warren Spector behind the title, players choose their own path to defeat supreme evil, face the consequences of those decisions and ultimately free the Cartoon Wasteland.

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