[Wii] Need for Speed Undercover[ニード・フォー・スピード アンダーカバー ] ISO (JPN) Download

Title:[Wii] Need for Speed Undercover[ニード・フォー・スピード アンダーカバー ] (JPN) ISO

Game Information
Japanese Title: ニード・フォー・スピード アンダーカバー
English Title: Need for Speed Undercover
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Developer : Electronic Arts
Genre : Racing Games
Version : JPN CERO B (12+)
Available On : Wii
Size : 4.37GB
Format : ISO
Players : 1
Supplier : SQUARE
Catalog No : RVL-P-RX9J
Release Date : 2008年12月18日

Info: ニード・フォー・スピード アンダーカバー ISO

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
You never thought it would turn out like this—an all-out chase where you’re the hunted. And the hunter. Now you must get behind the wheel and risk everything to infiltrate a ruthless international crime syndicate and take them down. The man you’re after is a maniac behind the wheel, and he’s driving like his life depends on escape, which maybe it does. He’s the one with all the answers you need, you will track him down. Needless to say, that fleet of police cruisers in your rearview mirror won’t make things any easier. It will take all of your experience—and every ounce of skill—to outrun the law, take down the enemy, and unlock the truth that puts an end to this chase once and for all.

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