[PSP] SD Gundam G Generation World [SDガンダム ジージェネレーション ワールド] (JPN) ISO Download

Title : [PSP] SD Gundam G Generation World [SDガンダム ジージェネレーション ワールド] (JPN) ISO Download

Game Information
Japanese Title : SDガンダム ジージェネレーション ワールド
Chinese Title : SD高达G世纪:世界
Publisher : Bandai Namco Games
Developer : Bandai Namco Games
Genre : Simulation Game
Version : Japan CERO A (Free)
Available On : Play Station Portable (PSP)
Size : 1.47GB
Format : ISO
Players : 1
Catalog No : ULJS-00363
Realease Date : 2011-02-24

Official Website : http://www.ggene.jp/world/
info:PSP SDガンダム ジージェネレーション ワールド ISO

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
Boundaries get knocked down, all mechas come together in the SD Gundam G Generation for a full-on battle. The newest Generation World boasts the largest stable of Gundam mecha. All new models, such as the Unicorn and the upgraded mobile suits in the movie version of Gundam 00, are waiting for you to pilot them. Fly them to space and visit the colonies, the game consists of stages where you have to clear quests to advance.

The exciting animation – high tempo cuts becomes more realistic and there are lots of unlockable event animations. To ensure that the battles runs smoothly, with as little loading time as possible, players can install the data into their memory cards.

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